Studio Spaces

Studio Lively and Oasis are open-concept spaces designed to host all types of functions.  Workshops, multimedia production, conferences, meetings, seminars, training rooms, yoga classes, networking events, shows, office parties, are just some of the events we accommodate. 


(For even larger functions, our facility also houses a venue that can host over 400 people.)


Content Creation


Our studios is a haven for production and content.  Lively is built on a foundation of creativity.  We strive to provide spaces to produce powerful content.  From photography and videography to workshops to innovative or traditional experiences, the studios provide a canvas to paint your world. 

Business to Business

Our spaces are purposefully branded in a very light manner so that you can host or conduct your business without branding conflicts.  Our extensive B2B experience has finely tuned our attention to your business needs.  Our success is in your success.  By emphasizing resources and beautiful spaces, we provide your business with a platform to succeed.  We welcome all types of renters, but supporting other businesses is what we are best at. 


Our namesake space.  Studio Lively is a spacious 1,900 square foot space with soft, inviting aesthetic tones geared to help programs retain their followers.  Lively can accommodate big workshops or larger meetings/conferences.

Perfect for instructors who want breathing room and direct access.  We also have an attached comfortable lounge area that can be used in many different ways. 

Capacity: 120 (banqueting);  200 people (theater)


Oasis Studio is a boutique second-floor studio.  Approximately 900 square feet in size, the studio is perfect for more intimate sessions or workshops. 


Make no mistake, all of our spaces are generous in size. Oasis is just more tuned to feel like a more charming studio for smaller groups with a tad more privacy. 


Capacity: 35 people 

Inquiries or Reservation Requests

Call Julia @ (858) 717-7775  or  Fill out an Inquiry Form

Our rates range anywhere from $25 - $185/hr.  The rates are based on a number of important factors due to the fact that the spaces accommodate all types of functions.   The information in the inquiry submission helps us provide you with a corresponding rate.