Studio Lively and Oasis are open-concept contemporary spaces. With limited number of options in the small venue market, we sought out to be a highly unique resource to people in search of not-so-large space with not-so-bad pricing.


Workshops, multimedia production, conferences, meetings, seminars, training rooms, yoga classes, networking events, shows, office parties, are just some of the events we accommodate. 

Private Events

Lively and Oasis are perfect for customers looking for a visually pleasing space to hold all types of events.  Minimal in design with several artistic elements aimed at photography, the spaces give you a great head start on event decoration.

Business to Business

Our studios and event supply provide our corporate clients with an environment to advance their brand, content, marketing, network, and following.  By emphasizing resources and beautiful spaces, we provide your business with a platform to succeed.  We welcome all types of renters, but supporting other businesses is at the heart of Lively.   

For large capacity functions, see our sister venue: BLVD Hall



Our Namesake

Minimalist, modern and inviting. The 1,900 sq.ft. space has aesthetic touches geared to impress with subtlety. Perfect for all functions: workshops, classes, conferences, production, events, et al. 

Direct access to curb makes loading-in a breeze.  A lounge area in back that can be used in different ways. 


Event: 120

Tabled Banquets: 100 

Lecture Seating: 200

Studio/Fitness: 80

Production: 50


Our smaller studio offers intimacy & comfort.

Oasis is our quaint second-floor studio.  Approximately 900 square feet in size, the studio is perfect for more intimate sessions or workshops. 


Make no mistake, all of our spaces are generous in size. Oasis is just more tuned to feel like a more charming studio for smaller groups with a tad more privacy. 



Event: 35 people 

Lecture Seating: 40

Studio/Fitness: 25

Production: 20

Inquiries or Reservation Requests

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