what we do

Lively hosts events, workshops, conferences, photography sessions, fitness classes, and whatever else clients throw at us.  Our studio venues were designed specifically for small to midsize groups.  


The studios were designed to be modern, minimal, and have artistic touches of flair to cater to two types of clients: people looking for a great space to host small events and businesses looking for a place to host workshops or events.  We aim to be a diamond in the rough in both the B2B and B2C markets.

Our strategy is having an open door policy with a lot of experience and resource to execute anything coming our way. With roots in film production and venue directorship, our director created spaces with visually pleasing environments to make a memorable impression. 


On top of this, we have an extensive event inventory to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

B2B clients has become our core focus in how we develop our services, but we are always fully capable and happy to service private events. 

who we are

We are artists and lovers of architecture and space.  Our creator, Kenneth,  our event coordinator, Julia, and our staff and network of vendors are all dedicated to hard work and great experiences.  We are pioneers in our industry, so we love to push the envelope of events we host and are constantly learning how to adapt to all rentals in small formats.

More than anything else, we are open-minded.  We try to see and do what has not been done. 

why we do what we do

Lively aims to be the Swiss-Army-Knife of the venue industry.  We saw a gap in the space rental industry and decided to fill it.

Our aim is to continue pushing the model as it evolves with the modern-day venue business.  We are also always artists at heart and think deeply in creating spaces that account for every possible area of experience.