Our boutique showroom and shop sells decoration items that are hard

to find anywhere else in San Diego.  We have a large catalogue for those who

want ordinary or specialty items.  Viewings by appointment.

The Shop

Burlap Fabric for Table or Aisle Runners

$2.60 / yard

Burlap is the perfect accent to a rustic or farm-set event.  Our burlap rolls can be cut to any length and split down to make any size runner you like.

Charger Plate (most styles & colors available)


Decorative charger plates add flair.  In different styles and colors.  We rent them as well.

Manzanita Tree Branches in Wooden Box


Manzanita branches can be decorated to make beautiful centerpieces.  Add flowers, lights, crystals, and more.

White Wire Bird Cage


A popular item.  Large birdcage makes for a great event decoration.  

Pomander Kissing Balls (Various Colors)


Ever the eye candy.  11" Round.   Kissing balls are perfect centerpiece or adornments that you can reuse.

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Rustic Wood Slices (Small and Large)


Round Wood Slices.   Thick cut.


Small:  $4.95  (or $4.25 in orders of 10 or more)

Medium:  $14.95  (or $13.50 in orders of 10 or more)

Large Vintage Lantern (Rust)


Large Vintage Lantern.  Color: Rust. 

Dbl Trumpet Vase "25


One of the most popular centerpieces to jazz up any event.  Great with pomanders or floral arrangments. 

Acrylic Crystals (various colors)


Sold in 400g or 5lb bags in various colors.  Price is per 400g bag. 

Cinderella Wire Carriages


"9x"16 Cinderella Wire Carriages.  Gold or White.

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