Event Services




Where your mind goes, we can follow...

Our extensive list of event rentals include arches, event decor, centerpieces, props, chargers, dinnerware, pipe and draping, linens and more.


We also work with a variety of vendors and have access to items beyond our inventory.  If you are in search of something not listed here, feel free to ask us.

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A/V Rentals

Equipment for your event.

Our inventory includes audio and visual equipment that covers most of the needs for your average event.  Our list includes basic commercial-level equipment.

In general, if you are throwing an event that is supported by a/v, our inventory would come in handy.  If your event revolves primarily or entirely on equipment at a high-commercial level, our equipment may serve as complementary pieces. 

Chocolate Fountain

"Wow" Up Your Event

Our chocolate fountain services are truly special.  We offer different sizes, but our larger fountains (34" and 44") are really a sight to see.  Plus, our fountain service is one of the very few across the country to boast an LED light base, which is eye candy and a magnet for selfies.

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