Good For All

Good For All is the brainchild of Kenneth and Jess, the partners, to find a way to bridge the for-profit world and the

non-profit world to do some good.  This led the pair to develop the idea of supporting local causes by directing a hard 1% of all Lively revenue towards our Good For All program.  Unlike other businesses, this program is not a campaign.  It's implemented in every transaction no matter what. 


The program is designed to foster and strengthen the concept in the community, as well as donating a minimum of 25% of those funds to local causes. 


At its core, Lively Events is a hybrid business.  99% of the company is for-profit and 1% is a nonprofit fundraiser.  We've created a different type of commerce.  We believe that a people can help their community while getting something in return (that isn't cheapened or of less value as you might find in charity-sold goods or services) and the businesses they patron can thrive in the process. 


It's a Win-Win-Win.